Product Horizons Uses Agile Methodology

We believe that Agile Methodologies that have been adapted for the GDM (Global Delivery Model) are the need of the hour. Very few companies have successfully implemented the simple yet powerful concepts that Agile Methodologies and GDM propound. Our delivery paradigm applies our successful Agile Best Practices to mission critical and complex business solutions using offshore and globally distributed teams. For our Agile projects, we use an iterative approach. Working collaboratively with the client, we prioritize requirements and scope them for subsequent iterations according to business and technical complexity. Business critical and architecturally significant requirements are developed first, then functionally significant ones. The need of the hour for businesses is to outsource software consulting work and focus on the core business areas. This leverages human capital in a much more effective manner. Companies can potentially see benefits of 200-300% or more by doing so.