Personal Portfolio Manager is built with the the basic idea as - User enters the transactions (Purchase and Sale Details of various stocks) and the application computes the Capital Gain - Short Term and Long Term for the specifiedfinancial year. The user can view the portfolio of his holdings. Also user can download various Tax Reports and can view various performance charts of his holdings.
Live Market Values – Sensex and Nifty
A widget on home page shows live values of Sensex and Nifty.
Portfolio Creation
User can create portfolio by adding trasanction entries.
Total Net Worth
A widget on the Dashboard page displays total net worth.
Top Gainers and Top Loosers from Portfolio and from Market
Two widgets on the Dashboard page display current top gainer and looser from user portfolio and top five gainers and loosers from market.
Import / Upload historical data and multiple sale, purchase entries in one go
Import functionality facilitates user to upload multiple transaction entries in one go.
Export Portfolio Data (Excel and PDF format)
User can export portfolio data in Excel and PDF formats.
View and Edit Transaction History
User can add, view, edit and delete transaction entries.
Reports - View and Export Reports (Excel and PDF format)
  • Capital Gains Summary Report
  • Short Term Capital Gain Report
  • Long Term Capital Gain Report
  • Intraday Trading Gain Report
Coming soon .....
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