pLocals is an iPhone application which provides information about nearby places from various categories such as Food and Restaurant, Cafe, Shopping Malls, Banks, ATMs, Gas Station, Hospital, Movie Theatre etc. The application also provides the functionality to search the required place. For example, user can type the bank name to find out nearby branch of the bank. User can view the places in List, on Map and Augmented Reality View.
List View
User can view search places in sorted list with place Image, Distance and Rating.
Map View
View search places in map with place Image and Distance.
Augmented Reality View
View search places with pop up as an overlay on the camera's image with their information.
Switch View
User can switch search view between the List View, Map View and AR View.
Text Search
Search places matching the text entered by user.
Make a Call
Make a voice call to selected place.
Visit the Website
Visit the website of selected place.
View Reviews and Ratings
Read reviews of selected place.
Download pLocals from itunes.
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